Ryan Reeves YouTube Channel on Religion, Theology, History

I highly recommend the videos of Ryan Reeves, PhD in Historical Theology from Cambridge University. At present the channel had nearly 200 videos, 12 millions views, and 87,000 subscribers.

Ryan Reeves

Reeves is Protestant but tendentious neither religiously nor politically. The videos narrate Christianity from ancient to modern times. His well prepared script is spoken over pleasant helpful visuals: maps, portraits, architecture, paintings, etc. The display of text is minimal.

His presentation of theological concepts is about as lucid as one could hope, and balanced. The narratives of the evolution of doctrine, attitudes, and religious institutions are superbly contextualized to the social and political situations of the times. The sensible big-picture contextualization is the greatest virtue of his programming.

Here are some particular videos:

Calvin and Servetus

The Black Church and Civil Rights

William of Ockham

Wesley and Whitefield

Constantine the Great

Jan Hus

Avignon Papacy

I’ve watched most of the videos — most while pedaling an exercise bicycle. Yet to get to the 20 on Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.

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